Woolcomfort was started with the aim of becoming Australia’s leading producer of premium wool bedding products. We believe that business success comes from delivering value to the customer. To this end, we have worked continuously for decades to optimise and refine the process of making wool quilts. We also insist on only using the finest materials sourced from reputable, trusted and reliable suppliers.

Woolcomfort is a 100% Australian owned and operated business with the highest levels of production standards and quality control. All of our quilts are made in Australia with 100% Australian Merino wool.

In our pursuit of excellence, we have worked with our partners and suppliers to create unique and superior materials for our quilts. For example, Puffy Wool™ is our 100% pure new Australian wool that has been optimised for quilt production. Unlike other, more common wools, Puffy Wool™ is better able to maintain loftiness to prevent your quilt from going flat, limp and saggy. We also have exclusive use of Luxor Cotton™, a superior cotton fabric that is custom-designed and uniquely suited for quilting.

At Woolcomfort, we always aim to deliver value to the customer. We do this by applying our experience and knowledge to tried and trusted methods. We combine this with the finest, specialised wool encased in our custom-designed cotton fabric to create a truly first class bedding experience. Management.