Everything You Want to Know About Wool Quilt

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What is our Wool Quilt material?


Our wool quilt sets a high standard in premium bedding products. The filling consists of 100% pure new Australian wool and is encased in Egyptian cotton sateen fabric. 100% Australian Wool Quilt! Woolcomfort is a 100% Australian owned and operated business with the highest levels of production standards and quality control. All of our wool quilts and alpaca quilts are made in Australia with 100% Australian Merino wool.


Where are the Wool Quilts manufactured?  


Our wool quilt factory is located in 193-197 cumberland hwy, Smithfield NSW 2164. Our wool quilts are manufactured in Sydney locally, supporting Australia local wool farmers.


What is the advantages of Wool Quilt?

Wool fibres can eliminate humidity away from human body and absorb moisture. The fiber also retains air keeping you warmer in winter, and helps you don't feel hot and clammy during warmer months.

  • You can use wool quilt all year round
  • During summer, wool quilt can absorb body
  • Wool quilt gives even heat distribution
  • Wool is a natural insulator and is environmentally friendly
  • Wool is safe - non flammable
  • Wool quilt looks neat and tidy
  • Soiled areas of wool quilt may be sponge cleaned


What is our Wool Quilt Sizes?


Our wool quilts have 6 sizes available to suite everyone’s need,

  • ·      Single size wool quilt is 140cm x 210cm,
  • ·      Double size wool quilt is 180cm x 210cm.
  • ·      Queen size wool quilt has 2 dimensions: 210cm x 210cm and 200cm x 230cm.
  • ·      King size wool quilt also has 2 dimensions: 240cm x 210cm and 240cm x 220cm.


The wool quilt sizes comparison table is below:






140cm x 210cm



180cm x 210cm



210cm x 210cm


200cm x 230cm



240cm x 210cm


240cm x 220cm




What is our Wool Quilt Weights?


Quilt thickness or density is measured by 'gsm' (grams per square metre). The thickness of the filling and the type of filling determine how warm the quilt is.

Our wool quilt has 350gsm, 500gsm and 700gsm available for each size.


How to care a Wool Quilt?


Wool is a natural fiber that requires gentle care to maximize its longevity. Wool quilt should never be exposed to high heat for more than a few minutes.


Wool should be aired regularly. All of our Australian wool quilts are easy to care for. Wool does not attract dust like feather and down. Simply air your wool quilt maintain loft and freshness.


How to store a Wool Quilt?


1.     Before put your wool quilt into storage, make sure your wool quilt is clean before storing. Any food scraps or stains need to be removed prior to storage as these tend to attract insects as their own food source.

2.     Wash your hands. Your body oils will transfer to the fabric as you prepare your wool quilt for storage. Either wash your hands and dry thoroughly or wear a pair of cotton gloves.

3.     Fold your wool quilt. This will enable you to place it inside a protective cover and then place on a shelf or other storage space. However, it is a good idea to use acid-free paper between each layer of the quilt to protect it from staining and creasing, and wherever the folds are, stuff these with crumpled acid-free paper to prevent the holds from becoming too permanent.

4.     Place the folded wool quilt inside a suitable protective cover.

5.     Things NOT TO DO when storing a wool quilt


·      Direct Sunlight

·      Direct or close heat

·      High temperature or high humidity

·      Acidic surfaces

6.     Put the wool quilt into a closet, or anywhere that is dark.

7.     Deter insects by adding some sort of repellent.

8.     Remove the quilt from storage periodically.



Wool Quilt and Health & Environment


Wool is a natural renewable and eco-friendly resource. All our wool quilts have been specially treated with an all-natural spray to ensure a healthy sleeping environment which is great for everyone and especially helpful for asthma and allergy sufferers.


Wool Quilt Safety


Wool is the most flame resistant of all textile fibres. In the event of a fire it will smoulder and often self-extinguish. 


Buy Wool Quilt


You can buy Alpaca Quilts from Woolcomfort Online Store Directly: http://woolcomfort.com.au/shop/quilts/wool-quilts/


Or, you can visit Woolcomfort Sydney Local Alpaca Quilt factory at: 193-197 cumberland hwy, Smithfield NSW 2164


Or, contact us via the phone: (02) 8711 2916

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Hi , i am Elisa . This month I bought a crown wool quilt from Bankstown market. When I opened my quilt i logo 5 warranty. Could you tell me . How do you warranty and what for . Thanks so much

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