What makes us different?

Posted by Eric 01/09/2016 0 Comment(s)

For the many decades of our history, Woolcomfort PTY LTD has maintained quality and customer service as our top priorities. Under our banner, the “Crown” and “Woolcomfort” brands of bedding products have become renowned and recognised worldwide. As such, when speaking of wool bedding products, “Crown” and “Woolcomfort” have almost become synonymous with premium quality.


In our pursuit of excellence, we have worked with our partners and suppliers to create unique and superior materials for our quilts. For example, Puffy Wool™ is our 100% pure new Australian wool that has been optimised for quilt production. Unlike other, more common wools, Puffy Wool™ is better able to maintain loftiness to prevent your quilt from going flat, limp and saggy. We also have exclusive use of Luxor Cotton™, a superior cotton fabric that is custom-designed and uniquely suited for quilting. By combining our specialised materials with our experience and skills, we are able to create unique woollen quilts that are gorgeously comfortable and warm.


In both quality and quantity, Woolcomfort PTY LTD is a leading producer of wool bedding products in Australia. The principles and values represented by the “Crown” and “Woolcomfort” brands are a matter of national pride. The reputation of our brands have been earned not through advertising, but from customers’ experiences and reviews. Through each other’s recommendations, people around the world are choosing Woolcomfort PTY LTD for a first class bedding experience.


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